I could tell you about Borges, Calvino, Lao Tzu, Heraclitus, and many others whose writings have had an impact on my thinking over the years.

I could tell you about the experiences in my life that have become catalysts for artistic expression.

I could tell you about my fascination with growth and entropy in the natural and man-made environments.

I could tell you about my love of materials and process and how they are essential to my visual syntax.

Yet, I could not explain how all comes together in that moment of grace and synergy -
     where boundaries dissolve yet remain,
     where instinct, intuition, and reason are one,
     where there is dialog but no word spoken,
     and, where there is stillness amid action.

In the end there is everything and nothing to be said. My words are not important. You may give them weight, you may dismiss them, or, you may even forget them.

My paintings are here.
When you come to them, spend time with them.
They will speak to you a little at a time - and that is as it should be.